What to Do After Getting Braces (Post-orthodontic treatment Instructions)

Congratulations On Taking The First Step Towards Having Straighter Teeth And Better Smile!

Orthodontic treatment is a long commitment, and it’s important to look after your teeth in the process to avoid problems such as tooth decay and gum disease after your treatment finishes. Please follow the instructions below to prevent such problems, and always remember that we’re in this together all the way through!

Poor oral hygiene during braces can have a lasting effect on teeth and gums. Taking good care of teeth with braces might take a little extra time, but it’s worth it!

  1. Cooperation on YOUR part is as important as the professional services.
  2. For the best results, you must carefully follow instructions and keep your appointments.
  3. Initially after installation of the appliance some discomfort will be felt. This should not be severe, but if you are in doubt, contact your orthodontist.
  4. It is vital that special instructions, such as wearing of elastics or headgear, should be strictly followed.
  6. The teeth should be brushed AFTER EVERY MEAL. Avoid eating sweets between meals unless the teeth can be cleaned immediately thereafter.
  7. Gums should be massaged regularly.
  8. AVOID chewing ice, hard or sticky candy, gum, popcorn, and playing with or dislodging the appliances.
  9. AVOID scuffing or rough play where you are likely to receive a blow in the face or to catch the appliances upon the clothing, thereby dislodging or breaking them.
  10. Don’t skip dental checkups. It’s extra important to get regular Teeth cleanings and exams when you have braces. In fact, for kids who are having trouble keeping teeth clean at home, coming to the dentist for cleanings every 3-4 months during orthodontics might be in order.
  11. Please notify the dental office IMMEDIATELY if the appliances become loose, lost, or broken.
  12. charge will be made to cover the cost of repairing or replacing broken or lost appliances, SO BECAREFUL.