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Sometimes, despite our best efforts in brushing and flossing our teeth, we still end up with yellow, dark, or discoloured teeth. Professional teeth whitening is the most common treatment to improve teeth shade. It is important to understand that as with all other dental treatments (ex: fillings; braces), Teeth Whitening is a dental procedure which requires proper prior diagnosis and professional delivery. If you wouldn’t normally attempt to put fillings or braces on your teeth yourself, you wouldn’t want to do the same to whiten your teeth without professional advice.

Only a qualified dental professional can prescribe and perform the best teeth whitening treatment for you.

While over-the-counter use-at-home toothpastes and strips are readily available, your dentist is best qualified to determine if you need teeth whitening. They can determine the cause of your discolouration and its type, and can then advise the most effective treatment for you.

You may be tempted to go to a shopping centre booth or a beautician to get your teeth whitened, but neither are staffed by suitably qualified professionals. Incorrect use of whitening agents may cause irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. DIY bleaching comes with all sorts of risks, and anecdotal treatments such as rubbing strawberries, lemons, or even bicarbonate of soda on your teeth, can do a lot of damage to your teeth and gums for no real whitening gain.

Extrinsic Discolouration

This type of discolouration is caused by external factors such as red wine, coffee/tea, cola, smoking, etc. These drinks/foods have pigments that can cause discolouration or staining of your teeth.

This type is the main indication for and responds very well with In-Chair Teeth Whitening.


Intrinsic Discolouration

This is caused by the change in colour of the inner layer of your teeth, called the Dentin, which could be a result of any of the following:

  • Antibiotic therapy during the formative years of permanent teeth (from in utero to 8 years of age), most notably with Tetracylcine/Minocycline types (usually presents as dark gray/yellowish lines on affected permanent teeth)
  • Health condition, such as Dentinogenesis Imperfecta (causes gray-purple discolouration)
  • Loss of tooth vitality or Root Canal-treated teeth
  • Natural ageing process

This type is harder to treat. Some cases may not even be indicated for in-chair teeth whitening and will consequently need cosmetic crowns or veneers to improve appearance.

The fastest, easiest way to effectively whiten your teeth is with in-chair teeth whitening. As the term “in-chair” suggests, it is done in the dental clinic and performed by a professional (your Dentist or your Dental Hygienist), under a controlled environment. Prior to applying the active whitening agent to your teeth, your lips, cheeks and your tongue are isolated, and your gums and exposed teeth necks/roots are coated with a barrier gel to protect them from being in direct contact with the whitening agent. This prevents gum sensitivity and burning from the whitening agent. At Top Class Dental, we offer the top two most effective and sophisticated in-chair teeth whitening systems in the market:


In-Chair Whitening with PHILIPS ZOOM WhiteSpeed L.E.D. Light Activated Whitening System

Zoom WhiteSpeed has variable intensity setting so each treatment can be customised to maximise patient comfort. The whitening agent has 20% Hydrogen Peroxide, and the system includes desensitisers to help minimise sensitivity and protect your enamel.

Individual results will vary, depending on the severity and cause of discolouration/stains. While most patients are satisfied with the results of a single-visit application, you have an option to do more sessions if your case was severe to start with and you want to achieve the whitest shade possible.

See the dramatic results Zoom delivers. Philips Zoom is only available at a dentist’s office to ensure optimum safety, and comes in different treatment types and strengths to fit your lifestyle and sensitivity.


Laser Teeth Whitening with Biolase Epic Diode Laser

LaserWhite20 is a proprietary dental whitening gel used in conjunction with a BIOLASE 940 nm diode laser system. The laser, through a specialized handpiece and delivery system, activates the LaserWhite20 whitening gel to accelerate the whitening process. The Base Gel contains a 45% concentrated hydrogen peroxide as an active incredient. The Activator is formulated with a proprietary dye that activates by absorbing laser energy in the 940 nm wavelength. The unique mixing syringe system ensures freshness for each application and precise dosing of the activator. When mixed, the LaserWhite20 whitening gel results in a 35% hydrogen peroxide.

Because fillings will not whiten, it is recommended that teeth are whitened prior to placing restorative fillings (wait two weeks after bleaching procedures before placing adhesive restorations). Most treated teeth continue to whiten 12 to 24 hours after whitening treatment is completed. Bleaching problematic teeth to a more natural shade will optimize restorative matching.


  • Products containing peroxides are not recommended for use by children under 12 years of age and by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Patients with periodontal disease, exposed root surfaces, damaged or fissured enamel, gross caries, and allergies to chemical products such as hydrogen peroxide or other similar conditions are not candidates for laser teeth whitening procedures.
  • LaserWhite20 should NOT be used on any patient with known allergies to hydrogen peroxide, resin-based materials or other such chemicals. Medical clearance from the patient’s physician is advisable when doubt exists regarding treatment.

If you’re looking for professional teeth whitening, Top Class Dental can provide you with an effective solution.

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