How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Appointment Take?

How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Appointment Take

Dental cleanings are essential for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, and they help lower your risk of cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. It’s recommended to have a checkup and cleaning at least once every six months. However, many people struggle to find the time to visit the Burwood Dentist due to busy schedules.

Fortunately, a skilled dental professional can complete a regular teeth cleaning faster than you might expect. Typically, a professional teeth cleaning can be completed in about thirty minutes. This means that, if necessary, you can even fit a dental cleaning into your lunch hour. However, the duration of the cleaning appointment can vary depending on the type of cleaning required.

Basic Preventive Cleaning

A basic preventive cleaning is the most common type of dental cleaning and generally takes the least amount of time. This type of cleaning typically takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Factors That May Extend Cleaning Time

  • Presence of Disease or Infection: If you have gum disease or an infection, the cleaning process will take longer.
  • Time Since Last Cleaning: If you haven’t had a dental cleaning in a while, there may be more plaque and tartar buildup, which requires more time to remove.
  • Excessive Plaque: If there is a significant amount of plaque on your teeth, the cleaning duration can extend beyond the typical time frame.

In these situations, the duration of your dental cleaning visit may increase to an hour or more, depending on the extent of the cleaning required.

General Time Frame

In general, dental cleanings take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. These quick, preventive procedures are crucial for maintaining the health of your smile and significantly reducing the risk of dental problems. By dedicating just one hour every six months to a dental cleaning, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

For more thorough cleanings, the appointment may take longer. It’s important to check with your Burwood Dentist to understand what type of cleaning you need so you can plan your visit accordingly.

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