ClearAlign is our fully customized, fully supervised, and 100% made in-house, cosmetic teeth aligning system.

ClearAlign Workflow


Initial Consultation

On this appointment, you’ll meet our Principal Dentist, Dr. Odette Lee. Feel free to tell her what you don’t like about your teeth or smile, and what you want to achieve after the treatment. She will then have a look at your teeth, bite, and smile. At the end, she’ll be able to tell you if ClearAlign is indeed an option for you, or if other cosmetic options are more suitable. 




Record Taking

We’ll take all the records necessary to assess and analyze your case, such as: 

Your 3D Intraoral Scan (Digital mould/impression)


Your extraoral and intraoral photos


Your X-rays (We prefer a 3D cone beam CT scan so we can overlay it with your intraoral scan for better treatment planning and teeth movement simulation).




Analysis, Treatment Planning, and Digital Treatment Simulation

Dr. Lee will assess all the records taken in step 2, and use these to plan your treatment. With cutting edge digital technology, she can also make different scenarios of the treatment to give you more options, if your case warrants it. 




Treatment Plan Presentation

Dr. Lee will show you the digital simulation of your proposed treatment. If she finds that you have more than one treatment option, she will show you the different treatment scenarios. It is only at this stage when we can give you the final quote/s for your proposed treatment/s. If you’re happy with the treatment plan, we can then proceed fabricating your aligners!


Fabrication of Aligners and Issuance

This is when you receive your ClearAlign box which contains all your aligners and aligner accessories. Please make sure that you follow all the instructions as given to you for best possible results. And oh, don’t forget to celebrate, as you begin your journey towards straighter teeth and better smile!


This is not your mail-to-order aligner.

Some online companies are now selling mail-order, self-adminstered kits directly to the consumer (patient), bypassing the orthodontist or dentist altogether. These kits are usually very cheap and are marketed as “easy and fast”, which make people assume they will save time and money. However, these do-it-yourself (DIY) devices are usually unsupervised and come with a number of health and financial risks that the patient must be aware of.

What are the risks of DIY mail-order teeth straightening devices?

With DIY clear aligners, a kit is purchased online with instructions to take a mould of your own teeth. The DIY impression is sent back to the company and your clear aligners are made based on your homemade impressions.

The dangers of attempting unsupervised orthodontic treatment with mail order kits include poorly fitting aligners, damage to the roots of your teeth, gum recession, and tooth loosening.

Because the do-it-yourself teeth straightening process does not involve any consultation with a dentist or orthodontist prior to commencing treatment or any professional supervision during the treatment, many things an go horribly wrong. Think of the many disasters that can result from DIY home renovations!

ClearAlign packages start from #2999. All packages include all the necessary records (3D intraoral scan, photos, x-rays) and post-treatment retainers. And unlike mail-order aligner companies online, Dr. Lee gives you FULL CLINICAL SUPERVISION, which includes ongoing check-ups and adjustments throughout the course of your treatment. So call us now at 02 9744 0222 to book your initial consultation!

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