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Laser Dentistry (WATERLASE IPLUS & EPIC 10)

Are you scared of going to the dentist because you’ll hear the dreaded drill sound screeching in your ear? Or maybe terrified of needles? Worry no more, because these fears can be minimized with a WaterLase Dentist like Dr. Lee.waterpulse

Dr. Lee has mastered the technique of using Lasers of different wavelengths in Dentistry. With this cutting edge technology comes great benefits including virtually painless and more natural
dentistry, accuracy and precision, reduced trauma, less or no bleeding and swelling, fewer dental visits, more streamlined technique, and therefore better results.


We currently use two different lasers with different wavelengths:

  • The WaterLase Iplus is an Er: YSGG laser. It is a versatile laser with vast applications, but mainly for the:
    • Safe caries/decay removal
      • WaterLase performs this by safely and accurately vapourising caries/tooth decay while leaving surrounding areas unaffected, thereby conserving sound tooth structure!
    • 3Due to the absence of friction and heat buildup from the drill, what normally requires shots/injections with the drill does not usually need any numbing with WaterLase!
  • Periodontal/gum treatment4
    • WaterLase has a specialised fine tips designed to deeply penetrate gum pockets with little or no discomfort from the patient.
    • Laser energy effectively and atraumatically vapourises bacteria, infected tissues and bone surfaces, and disinfects root surfaces.
    • Since WaterLase-assisted periodontal treatment is less invasive than conventional periodontal surgery, there is much less bleeding, pain, or swelling, and therefore faster healing/recovery.


  • Root canal treatment
  • 5
    • Waterlase uses hydrokinetic energy to eliminate organic debris and bacteria that lie deep within the walls of the root canal system. This combination of laser energy and water vapourises the smear layer and penetrate deep into the dentinal tubules.
    • Studies have shown that WaterLase penetrates 10 times deeper into the dentinal tubules and surrounding tissues than conventional root canal treatment irrigation/cleansing.
  • Vast range of soft tissue surgeries, such as Gingivectomy/ Gummy Smile Correction, and Frenectomy
    • There is usually NO NEED FOR NEEDLES to perform these procedures with WaterLase!
    • WaterLase effortlessly and accurately contours the gum tissues with minimal or NO bleeding!
  • Atraumatic tooth extractions; Wisdom tooth extractions
    • Difficult extraction cases performed with WaterLase is usually faster, atraumatic, safer, and therefore heals much faster with little or no discomfort!
  • Implant surgery
    • Laser-assisted implant surgery minimizes or sometimes eliminates the need for gum incision with the blade, which results in less trauma.
    • The surgical site can be disinfected more effectively prior to placement of implant, therefore drastically reducing infection-related failures and increasing long-term implant success.
  • ….and a lot more
  • The Epic 10 is a Diode Laser. epic10Because of its wavelength, it penetrates muscles and ligaments deeper, which makes it suitable for deep tissue pain therapy and biostimulation. It is also sensitive to pigments, making it a very effective teeth whitening tool. It’s most common uses are the following:
    • TMJ (jaw joint/ligament) therapy and pain relief with LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)
      • The use of Epic 10 Diode Laser in a low level setting with a special handpiece immediately reduces pain on the TMJ.
      • For more long-term results, our dentist will have to tailor a specific treatment plan/regimen for your case after diagnosing your specific TMJ problem.
      • Comprehensive TMJ treatment regimen involves scheduled LLLT sessions over a period of time, and typically involves the following: use of occlusal splints/nightguards, following a set of exercises, occlusal adjustments, and sometimes even the use of Botox muscle injections.
  • Teeth Whitening (as quick as 20 mins! Almost NO sensitivity!)
  • Post-surgery biostimulation for faster healing and less post-op discomfort
  • Removal of soft tissue growths such as Fibromas or Papillomas.